2020 Brownwood Virtual Bike Rally


Please visit this link to learn more about our 2020 Brownwood Virtual Bike Rally:


The East Atlanta Kids Club launched the Brownwood Bike Rally in 2003 to promote youth fitness and community development through a fun biking event that would engage cycling enthusiasts of all ages. The bike rally also serves as EAKC’s biggest annual fundraising event.

This year, more than ever before, it is critical that we rally our community around these goals of promoting youth fitness and community development, and while we will not rally in-person, we hope that our virtual platform will provide a glimpse into the breadth of supporters and the strength of our community to answer the call on behalf of our deserving kids and teens. The Brownwood Virtual Bike Rally 2020 is all about logging miles, sharing smiles, and raising delirious fun and serious funds!

There are three events listed below, and all are based on a simple model of logging as many miles as possible over the course of 17 days. Please see below to make an informed decision about which event to register for!

(Competitive) Brownwood Virtual Bike Rally 2020: Outracing COVID-19
Please note that all minors are FREE! 
This event is geared toward those who want to go far and fast and take their place on the leaderboard seriously! For this event, we will require participants to submit documentation of their rides for review in addition to logging their miles over the course of the event. In addition to logging miles within this platform to keep the leaderboard updated, we will create a Brownwood Virtual Bike Rally Club within Strava, and we will ask participants to log their activities within that system as well (including screenshots where necessary to confirm time & distance). All participants will receive information necessary to join the Club and log within this application closer to the event start date. Given the emphasis on competitive cycling and parity, we also require miles logged for this event to be completed on a bicycle rather than a stationary bike, bikeerg, or trainer. 

(Casual) Brownwood Virtual Bike Rally 2020: Outracing COVID-19
Please note that all minors are FREE! 
This event is geared toward those who want to ride more for fun and to support the overall awareness and fundraising efforts. While there will certainly be some folks racking up major mileage (our Executive Director among them), logging miles for this event will be based within this platform only, and folks are welcome to ride whatever format works best for them (bicycle, stationary bike, bikeerg, trainer, the aforementioned penny-farthing).

(EAKC Youth Only) Brownwood Virtual Bike Rally 2020: Kids Club Rides Again!
This event is open to East Atlanta Kids Club youth only, and it will encourage our youth to begin riding longer distances while encouraging safe cycling habits, a willingness to push past perceived physical limits and barriers, and a desire to build upon our strong sense of camaraderie and support for one another.

Along the way, we will share unique challenges and prizes for participants. Just because we are riding in a socially distanced format doesn't mean we can't have loads of fun. We have some unique social challenges in mind for individuals and teams to share highlights from their rides and to make merry memories along the miles. Stay tuned to this platform, your email, and our social platforms for updates regarding prizes, challenges, and fun!

Choose Your Own Adenture! As a virtual seventeen-day challenge, you can ride anywhere you would like! Sharing our various journeys will be a major part of the fun of the event this year.


Software Anywhere has made a big 10-year commitment to supporting the programs and operations of EAKC.

U.S. Micro Corporation has been a great friend to Kids Club for the past

three years, providing us with computer and networking equipment, financial support and most recently, the gift of a much-needed school bus.