Brownwood Bike Rally 2008 Results

The 6th-annual Brownwood Bike Rally was a festive, competitive and HOT day in East Atlanta. Check out the Atlanta Bicycle Campaign's photos:Rally events included:


  • Street Bike and Cyclocross-Track Races for Kids and Adults

  • Bike Rodeo for Kids

  • Stunt Bike Shows

  • Face Painting & Games

  • Funky Bike Contest

  • Food & Drinks


Free for Kids 5 to15; $10 for Adult Fun Races $25 for Adult Cyclocross-Track Races Pre-Registration at


All proceeds benefit the East Atlanta Kids Club. Bike Rally Photos by Terance Johnson

Adult Racing


Cyclocross A

  • Tim Henry - Jittery Joe's

  • Colby Millen - Peachtree Bikes

  • Tim Barrett - Myogenesis

  • Brady Rodgers - Myogenesis

  • Whit Clifford - Locos Cycling


Cyclocross Group B

  • Kim Sawyer - Reality Bites

  • Ellen Carroll - Cycleworks

  • Holly Longley - Sorrella Cycling

  • Trish Albert - MedPlan

  • Sharon Mize - Sorella Cycling


Cyclocross Group C

  • Rob Evans

  • Gabrielle Sharvat

  • Allison Williams

  • Stephanie Ryan

  • Jill Sieder


Adult Fun Race

  • Charles Adkins

  • Cara-Lee Scheinfeld

  • Stephanie Akstein


Funkiest Bike

  • Andy Anselmo


Best Overall Team

  • Gresham Lemonheads


Kids Racing


Overall Winners

  • Boys - Anthony Rayton

  • Girls - Kierra Edge


Fastest Race Time

5-7 years

  • Ezra Kasten 2:46

  • Reece Lacour 2:54

  • Kalyann Teasley 2:55


8-11 years

  • Connor Bayliss 2:10

  • Asa Kramer-Dickey 2:19

  • Kierra Edge 2:24


12-15 years

  • Anthony Rayton 1:53

  • Simeon Gray 1:58

  • Keion Cater 1:59


Bike Rodeo

5-7 years

  • Brannon Woods

  • Jonas Kramer-Dickey

  • Sterling Strohauer


8-11 years

  • Kierra Edge

  • Dontez Wright

  • Ella Kasten


12-15 years

  • Anthony Rayton

  • Phillip Ingram

  • Demarcus Montegomery


A great day of cycling, community and fun - for kids and adults. The annual bike rally is organized by the East Atlanta Kids Club and includes bike races for kids on the streets around the park, as well as cross-track races for adults (on a course that includes both street and dirt trail racing). Kids also try their luck in the bike rodeo, practicing a variety of bike agility moves and showing off their knowledge of bike safety.

The Cross-Track Criterium races follow a course on the streets around the park as well as a dirt trail inside the park.

The Board ‘n Bike Stunt team thrills the crowd with high-flying, gasp-producing aerial stunts, as well as cool ground tricks on BMX-style bikes.

Event Sponsor



Bike Sponsor


Metro Atlanta Cycling Club
CarMax Foundation
CBeyond Communications

Bike Sponsor


PaceSetter Steel Service

Cbeyond broadened its support of Kids Club this fall to benefit Brownwood 

Park and the entire community.

U.S. Micro Corporation has been a great friend to Kids Club for the past

three years, providing us with computer and networking equipment, financial support and most recently, the gift of a much-needed school bus.