Brownwood Bike Rally 2008 Results

The East Atlanta Kids Club’s 7th- annual Brownwood Bike Rally & Run held on May 15 at beautiful Brownwood Park in East Atlanta was a fun-filled day for the community. Kids and adults participated in street bike and Cyclocross-track races, a 5K Run/Walk, a bike rodeo, and other fun cycling- and fitness-related activities.

Adult Racing


Cyclocross A

  • Douglas Ollereshaw

  • Colby Millen

  • Dan CmCauley


Cyclocross Group B

  • Dan McCauley

  • Greg Masterson

  • Jeff Hopkins


Adult Fun Race

  • Charles Adkins

  • Cara-Lee Scheinfeld

  • Stephanie Akstein


Funkiest Bike

  • Andy Anselmo


Best Overall Team

  • Gresham Lemonheads


Kids Racing

Overall Winners

  • Boys - Griffin McCauley

  • Girls - Kierra Edge


Fastest Race Time


5-7 years

  • Engberg Finn

  • Eli McCauley

  • Sterling Strohauer


8-11 years

  • Griffin McCauley

  • Liam Casey

  • Desvelo Davis


12-15 years

  • Isaiah Sanders

  • Dallas Head

  • Ronald Render


Bike Rodeo

5-7 years

  • Alison House

  • Sophie Persons

  • Dylan Beldon


8-11 years

  • Jermaine Allen

  • Griffin McCauely

  • Kennan Ringer


12-15 years

  • Phillip Ingra

  • Asa Kramer-Dickie

  • Isaiah Sanders




For general information about the event or East Atlanta Kids Club, call 404-627-8050.


We would like to thank the 2010 Brownwood Bike Rally Sponsors who made this event possible!

Host Committee


Ashley Warren, Bill McIlwaine, Carrie and Ryan Hood, Danielle Joiner-McPherson,Darren Silver, Dawud Ansari, Fran Goscinski, Gretchen Kelly,East Atlanta High School '61-'71 Reunion, James Butler, Jay Morvay, Jobtopia,Jon Naphin, Kathy & Pete Colbenson, Kyla Porter, Maggie Davenport,Moseley/Bowie Family, Michelle Rice, Rhonda and Jim Carruthers, Sonya Tuff,Susan Rutherford


Art & Graphic Design by Armando La Hoz

Photography by Terrance Johnson

Cbeyond broadened its support of Kids Club this fall to benefit Brownwood 

Park and the entire community.

U.S. Micro Corporation has been a great friend to Kids Club for the past

three years, providing us with computer and networking equipment, financial support and most recently, the gift of a much-needed school bus.