Deloitte Makes an Impact

On Friday June 11, East Atlanta Kids Club was proud to host Deloitte’s 2010 IMPACT Day for the second consecutive year. Nearly 40 Atlanta-based Deloitte consultants took a day off from their regular workday to make some much needed improvements to Brownwood Recreation Center and parts of the park just in time for summer Kids Club activities.


From 7am to 2pm, Deloitte personnel worked tirelessly in the hot summer sun assembling an outdoor classroom, beautifying the entry-way to the park and rec center with flowers and landscaping, installing cobblestone pathways to the community garden and installing sound panels in the classroom.

The day made for an excellent showcase of Deloitte’s teamwork and commitment to serving the community.


There was a great sense of camaraderie during every facet of their project on the busy day. The team was enthusiastic, despite the sweltering heat, to make change and improve the kids experience at East Atlanta Kids Club. We’ve already begun to put the improvements to the center to good use. During this past Tuesday’s Kids Club, the kids broke in the new outdoor classroom as they read books and engaged in discussion.


The classroom’s sound quality has increasingly improved as students can now engage in robust activities without disturbing other parts of the center. It’s great to enter the center and see the beautiful landscaping and walk along the cobblestone pathway to the community garden. The Kids Club family would like to give a special thank you to Deloitte and their hard work. Clickhere to learn more about Deloitte’s National IMPACT Day

Cbeyond broadened its support of Kids Club this fall to benefit Brownwood 

Park and the entire community.

U.S. Micro Corporation has been a great friend to Kids Club for the past

three years, providing us with computer and networking equipment, financial support and most recently, the gift of a much-needed school bus.