Health & Fitness

Kids Club recognizes that a strong and healthy body feeds a bright mind and a lively spirit.  A core part of our curriculum addresses the health and wellness of our youth, and centers on physical fitness and healthy eating.  We are dedicated to fighting  juvenile obesity as well as the mind-numbing sedentary habits of many youth that involve staring at a television or video game screen for hours on end.


Our fitness activities take many forms, including basketball, kickball, tennis, dance and yoga at Brownwood Park, biking on city streets, hiking at state parks, and swimming at local pools,  as well as more structured fitness activities such as participating in 5K Run/Walks and training for triathlons.


Currently we are partnering with the East Atlanta Village Farmer’s Market and the Brownwood Park Community Garden to engage our youth members and their families in  nutrition and healthy eating classes and hands-on opportunities to grow and harvest fresh fruits and vegetables.

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