Kids Help Turn Plastic Litter Into Public Art

What was once a collection of soiled plastic litter found in East Atlanta is now part of an impressive sculpture on display in St. Petersburg, Florida. The plastic trash collected by EAKC kids has been transformed into public art - as well as a great teaching tool.  


Kids participating in our summer camp this year had the opportunity to participate in a workshop with artist Dena Light, whose Current Collections project draws attention to the problem of pollution in oceans and coastal waterways.  Light (who is a former program director at EAKC) led an initial workshop that exposed the youth to the enormity of the environmental problem, state-wide and internationally, then asked them to collect plastic litter in their own community.  The kids easily amassed dozens of bags of trash.  On Light's next visit, using a hot iron and some artful technique, she showed them how to transform their trash --plastic bottles, potato chip bags, candy wrappers--into colorful, dynamic designs.


Some of their designs were integrated into a large sculpture created by Light and her fellow artists at Embodied Energy Studio.  The sculpture is now on display at Poynter Park along Tampa Bay in St. Petersburg, FL.  It will come to Atlanta in April 2015 as part of an Earth Day exhibition.


Learn and more about the project in local art journal Burnaway

 Jalen McLain designed this plastic art piece during our 2014 summer camp.

This sculpture now displayed in St. Petersburg, FL includes panels made of plastic litter collected and transformed into art by EAKC kids..

Artist Dena Light shows EAKC kids how to transform trash they collected into art.

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