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Ten years ago EAKC Executive Director Jill Sieder decided to nerd out and attend an IT conference in San Francisco for organizations that use Salesforce, the data management service that helps us keep track of our kids, volunteers, donors and partners.  What a fateful trip that turned out to be.  Not only did she learn all about being a fake-it-til-you-make it technology admin, she met a true IT pro who has since had a huge impact on the operations of East Atlanta Kids Club.  


Jeff Scott is the CEO of Software Anywhere, a California-based tech company.  Scott took a keen interest in helping EAKC to make better use of Salesforce to manage and communicate with its members and supporters.  He also helped to develop customized apps to track the school performance of our kids and attendance of volunteers.  A few years later, his team collaborated with EAKC staff on a total makeover of our website. Along with his company's valuable technology support, Scott has also provided generous cash support to our organization over the years.  


In 2016, Software Anywhere took their charitable giving to another level by pledging to give $10,000 annually to East Atlanta Kids Club, as part of an overall giving strategy that encourages their business partners to also ramp up their giving.

Called "The Power of 10," it aims to raise millions of dollars in cash and inkind support for nonprofits around the country.

Scott and Software Anywhere have planted their technology consulting flag in Atlanta, and now maintain a bi-coastal business.  In 2016 the company was the presenting sponsor for our annual event, the Brownwood Bike Rally, and we were able to convince Jeff Scott and his son Nathan to join in on the bike races as well.  

East Atlanta Kids Club truly appreciates the commitment and support of Software Anywhere and its enterprising leader.


Featured Partner

Jeff Scott and his son Nathan at the 2016 Brownwood Bike Rally

Software Anywhere has made a big 10-year commitment to supporting the programs and operations of EAKC.

U.S. Micro Corporation has been a great friend to Kids Club for the past

three years, providing us with computer and networking equipment, financial support and most recently, the gift of a much-needed school bus.