Teens Tackle Homelessness and Hunger

The teens of the East Atlanta Kids Club have identified homelessness and hunger as major issues of concern in Atlanta, and they have decided to take action.  They are organizing a food, clothing and fund drive, with items and funds collected being to be donated and distributed to local homeless shelters. The kids are excited about the opportunity to do their part in attacking a problem that affects us all.


The youth were recently visited by a formerly homeless woman who described the struggle of being out of work, on the street and in temporary shelters in Atlanta with her child for many years.  Her testimony deeply touched the children, and has given them a greater incentive to help, as they now have a ‘face of homelessness’ to inspire their service. They realize this project will not end homelessness, but they understand the importance of doing whatever it is they can to ease the struggle.


After their initial outreach effort in September, the youth garnered approximately 100 articles of clothing in two days. They are serious about their mission and have accepted full responsibility for seeing it through.  In addition to food, clothing, and cash donations, the kids are also putting together hygiene kits, which they have learned are in high demand from homeless men and women. They are looking for simple items such as deodorant, soap, feminine products, etc.


Donations of goods can be delivered to Brownwood Recreation Center, at 602 Brownwood Avenue, SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

Mon-Fri, 10am to 6pm, until November 16.


Cash donations can be made online at www.eastatlantakids.org/donate – put “End Homelessness” or another message of your choosing in the Designation box.  Checks payable to East Atlanta Kids Club can also be sent to the address above.


To stay updated on the project’s progress,  you can view the East Atlanta Teen Club blog:




For more information about East Atlanta Kids Club, contact Quincy Robinson, EAKC Marketing & Operations Director, at qrobinsonson@eastatlantakids.org or 404-627-8050.

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